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First and foremost, we expect you to be ready for something great! With our exceptional management system, you’ll join more than 700 other owners who have helped make Great Clips the largest and fastest growing haircare brand in North America. Great Clips franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, but their roles and responsibilities remain the same—to be engaged, dynamic leaders with the ability to thrive in our system.

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    BE INVOLVED No one will run your business like you and no one will care about the success of your business like you.
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    PARTICIPATE IN YOUR LOCAL CO-OP Get involved in the meetings, understand the value of working together with your fellow franchisees.
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    DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR STAFF It's up to you to create the culture of your organization.  Recruiting new staff will always be part of your to-do list- but the better you can retain your existing staff, the less recruiting you'll have to do- and that means understanding your team, and making your salon the place they want to come to work.
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    BE READY TO GROW Work with the Great Clips real estate team to keep your eyes and ears on the opportunities in your market and seek new opportunities for growth.
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    MARKET YOUR BUSINESS Work with the Great Clips marketing team to understand how to promote your salon and drive customers in the doors.
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    FOLLOW THE SYSTEM You'll hear this a lot- because it's true. You really don't have to figure it all out on your own, that's why you're interested in a franchise. We have a system that's been in place for years, and we've put it to the test so you don't have to.
Dennis Stevens

The greatest joy in being franchisees comes from watching employees grow and succeed in their careers, and hopefully, also in their personal lives. If our employees are cared for and treated with respect and dignity, their personal success and happiness tends to bring financial success to the salon.

Dennis Stevens, Billings

Traits of a Great Franchisee

Our most successful franchisees have these traits in common.