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Hear from people who made the decision to become Great Clips franchisees- why was this the best fit for them, and how did joining the world’s largest salon brand impact their lives.

Day in the Life

  • Randy Klassen

  • Jerry Akers

  • Jay Nawani

  • Dave & Adriana Hinojosa

  • Dave & Leanne Ash

  • Nathalie Paradis

  • Ray Solnik

  • Mike & Melissa Clancey

Why Great Clips

  • What It's Like to be a Great Clips Franchisee

  • Great Clips' Chairman and CEO Share Tips for Running a Franchise by OPEN Forum

What Makes Us Great

  • The Jacobsons, Great Clips is GREATful for Veterans

  • Beth, Great Clips is GREATful for Veterans

  • Dennis, Great Clips is GREATful for Veterans

  • Chuck, Great Clips is GREATful for Veterans

Working at Great Clips

  • What's Great About Working at Great Clips?

  • How Great Begins: Alexis' Story

  • How Great Begins: Mackenzie's Story

  • How Great Begins: Juliana's Story

  • How Great Begins: Marlo's Story

  • How Great Begins: Michael's Story

  • How Great Begins: Ethan's Story

Consumer Content

  • Back to Greatness - Au Revoir

  • Back to Greatness - Trust Fall

  • Bobby Brown and Great Clips

  • Watering Hole

Is Great Clips® Right For You?

Many Great Clips franchisees say they knew this brand was a good fit for them right from the start. Find out if it's a good fit for you, too.