What Makes A Great

Traits of a Great Franchisee

franchisee at the register of a salon with a customer

Our most successful franchisees have these characteristics in common:

WILLINGNESS TO FOLLOW A SYSTEM You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with Great Clips. The ability to follow a system (one that has been developed and tested for 35 years, in our case) is essential for success in any franchise.

ENTREPRENEUR & LEADERSHIP SKILLS Great Clips wants franchisees who have the desire to be their own boss, understand the basics of business, are skilled at hiring and motivating staff, and appreciate the benefits of a manager-run business.

ENGAGED IN OPERATIONS Franchise ownership is not an absentee business. While ownership doesn't require a daily presence in the salon, franchisees do need an understanding of what goes into running a great salon and be engaged in business operations, marketing, community outreach and their market co-op.

A GROWTH MINDSET Multi-unit ownership is common among successful franchisees because it’s one of the best ways to build a financially successful business.

PEOPLE & COMMUNITY FOCUSED The best franchisees know that “doing good” for their staff is good for business. They care about their employees and customers, show kindness in big and small ways. They share their expertise with other franchisees and focus on making the Great Clips brand a positive force in their communities.

What does it take to become a Great Clips franchisee?

If you see yourself in the list of characteristics above, we want to hear from you! There are also some financial, personal and geographic requirements, outlined here.

Net Worth $300,000 (High-cost markets: $1,000,000)
Liquid Assets $75,000 (High-cost markets: $250,000)
Credit Score 675

Clean background and criminal record

New franchisees must live in an open geographic market

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