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This Begins Our 8-Step Process of Mutual Evaluation

So glad you’re here and ready to learn more! Over the next 4–6 weeks, we will introduce you to our business model step-by-step. It’s a Mutual Evaluation Process- meaning, not only do you need to discover if Great Clips is the right business for you- but we want to get to know you to find out if you’re the right fit for the Great Clips brand.

We’ve refined this process over 35 successful years and more than 4,300 salon openings. In other words, we have a winning formula and we stick to it.

Click on the sections below for a high level overview of what you’ll be learning during each phase of the process.  When you’re ready to dig in- you’ll gain access to the next section by clicking on the menu in the top right corner. Please note- some of these sections are password protected- so you’ll need to be a fully approved candidate to access them.  Not sure if you’re “fully approved”? Fill out our Get In Touch form to talk with someone from our team to find out

Let’s get started!

Gain a deeper understanding about Great Clips Inc. -- what we stand for and why a Great Clips hair salon may be the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and dig into the different kinds of programs available to grow your Great Clips franchise business, the initial investment range along with systemwide growth history from the last 3 years, and everything else required by the FTC. 


Learn what your role as a Great Clips franchisee is all about: PEOPLE.

How do you grow your business? What role does Great Clips Inc. play in supporting you as a franchisee? What is your role as a franchisee? How do we all work together to drive customers into your salon and give them a great experience so that they return again and again?

Learn about how the Great Clips Real Estate team supports your site selection process with technology, relationships and industry experience.

This is the final presentation with the Great Clips Development team to finish the mutual evaluation process.  After this conversation- you’ll be ready to make your decision on joining the Great Clips family of franchisees.

This one is all you- finish your research and make your decision!

Once you’ve decided to join the Great Clips family, you’ll have a call with one of our Operations Executives to review what you’ve learned in your evaluation of the business.  This is your chance to show the executives why you are the right fit for Great Clips!

You’ve been given the “stamp of approval”, so now, all that is left is to sign the dotted line! Welcome to Great Clips!

*these sections are password protected. Your Great Clips Franchise Development Manager will give you the passwords as you progress through the mutual evaluation process together.

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Would a friend of yours be interested in the Great Clips franchise opportunity? If your referral becomes a new Great Clips franchisee, we'll pay you $2,000.

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