The Great Clips® Advantage

Great Technology

Great Clips is the high-tech leader in the haircare industry—the first to use technology to support brand delivery and growth, and improve the experience for our franchisees, their salon teams and their customers. Our goal is to use technology in ways that complement our business—incorporating high-tech without taking away our high-touch service.

customer using siri shortcut check-in

Tech For Franchisees

Great Clips gives franchisees the technology they need to help them manage and grow their businesses. Convenience and accessibility are key—they want information at their fingertips, anytime, from any place. We provide web-based business intelligence tools, an advanced POS system, and a tablet-based app that delivers key operational data for every salon in real time.

Tech For Customers

Using technology to serve customers is one of the key reasons Great Clips is an industry leader. We’ve developed innovative tools that help customers save time, which they love! More than 7 million customers now use our mobile app. What does this mean for your business? The more that customers get used to using these tools, the more they’ll keep coming back to Great Clips. Two great examples of this are Online Check-In and Clip Notes.


Online Check-In Saves Time.

customers Are Able to Find salons near their current location and displays wait time of all nearby salons. Through the Great Clips app a customer is able to add their name to the wait list at any one of our 4,300+ locations. Launched in 2011, the Great Clips app was the first of its kind in the haircare industry and a game-changer for Great Clips.

Great Clips app on an iPhone
Clip Notes logo

Great Haircut Everytime.

We want customers to have such a great experience that they will return again and again. That’s why Great Clips started Clip Notes®, detailed technical information about the customer’s haircut that is entered into our computers. The next time that customer comes to any Great Clips salon, Clip Notes® lets any of our professional, licensed stylists how to provide the customer with the same quality haircut.

Tech For Stylists

In this digital age, using technology to reach out to salon staff is critical and effective. Great Clips is leading the way with online courses and interactive in-person events designed specifically for Great Clips stylists and managers. The use of technology for staff training grows every year, making it easier, faster and more efficient for stylists to learn the Great Clips cutting system, gain confidence and grow in their skills.

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Support And Training

Starting a Great Clips franchise comes with across-the-board support from our experienced staff and proprietary software, and from the network of Great Clips franchisees.