Great Clips franchisee leaders meet to share best practices, build relationships

By Beth Nilssen

Great Clips understands the importance of listening to the opinions of franchisees, which is why numerous councils, task forces and groups of franchisees exist to provide feedback to Great Clips, Inc. and to have influence on upcoming systemwide decisions. Just this week, Great Clips hosted a 2-day meeting in Minneapolis for its Cooperative (co-op) Presidents. Co-ops are comprised of franchisees that operate in the same markets, the presidents of each co-op is elected by the members.

More than 80 co-op presidents came together to review the successes of 2012, and to look to the future of Great Clips. This meeting is an opportunity for Great Clips, Inc. staff to share key messages and initiatives with these co-op presidents, so they can, in turn, share those messages with the franchisees in their respective co-ops.  This is also an opportunity to allow franchisees in leadership positions the chance to engage with Great Clips, Inc. staff and executives.

These meetings are a benefit for the franchisees and Great Clips, Inc. These co-op leaders have their ear to the ground and can provide a good barometer for what the general feeling is among franchisees throughout the Great Clips system. Their feedback is shared with Great Clips, Inc. staff and has significant influence on future decisions.

Some of the topics covered during the meetings were future salon technology, salon growth plans, salon staff education and more. But maybe the most important aspect of these meetings is the opportunity to network with fellow co-op leaders and Great Clips, Inc. staff. This gives an opportunity for everyone to listen, learn and share best practices with others – which we believe is paramount to building a strong franchise system.