Learning Center

Why Your Market

Calculated Expansion

We only expand when the time is right and in areas we can fully support. Our development strategy is based on the following:

Concentric Growth

We concentrate on growing the markets surrounding our training centers.

Balanced Growth

We balance our growth between emerging markets, growth markets and mature markets.

Laser-Focused Growth

We choose future market growth carefully, never by “shot-gunning” new salons anywhere and everywhere. Our Chairman of the Board, Ray Barton, tells the story of returning a sizable check to a gentleman who wanted to open a market in the early ‘80’s before Great Clips was ready. The check was returned with a polite “Not at this time; thank you.” We hold firm to that strategy today.

Specific to Your Market

Your Great Clips Franchise Development Manager will discuss these market-specific topics with you:

  • Number of existing salons in the market.
  • Current estimated number of salons the market can support if we achieve a 10% market penetration goal.
  • Great Clips uses Neilson Media "Designated Market Areas" (DMAs) to determine boundaries for our territories.