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Why You

The Ideal Candidate

Our 1,200 franchisees have come from a variety of backgrounds, possessing a variety of different skill sets. We greatly value this diversity, however, it is important that each of our candidates possess—at a minimum—the following:

Strong Leadership Skills

The proven ability to manage, delegate, lead and act as CEO of their organization.

Desire to Expand

After five years in operation our average franchisee owns between 5-6 salons. At a minimum you should have a desire to continually expand sales within your salon; ideally you want to join our many other franchisees and open multiple units.

Engaged Attitude

Although an owner doesn’t need to be present in the salon on a daily basis, they must be engaged in operations, regularly interacting with the salon manager(s).

Desire to Support Community

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The Numbers

In addition to professional qualifications, we’re also looking for specific financial qualifications:

  • To invest in a single franchise agreement: $75,000 liquid; $300,000 net worth*.
  • To invest in a Three Star (Three Franchise Agreements): $250,000 liquid; $1,000,000 net worth*.

*Net worth for most markets-select high cost markets require higher net worth and liquid asset minimums.

Remember, with Great Clips ownership, you can keep your professional career if you choose--you won't have to sacrifice your professional income or benefits during the time period before or after your salon opening--as long as your full-time position allows for flexibility required to be a business owner. Often, spouses will partner on a business together to ensure one person can dedicate more time to the business and the other can keep their full-time job.

Mutual Evaluation

In as much as you need to be sure that Great Clips is the right fit for you, we need to be sure that you are the right fit for us. We have spent a lot of time earning our reputation; a reputation built upon specific processes. It is imperative that our candidates are able and dedicated to following a proven system; a system that has led to success for over 1,200 franchisees and counting.

Your completion of this evaluation process and all involved initial due diligence, will be the first indication of that dedication.