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Sustaining Success

Separate From the Pack

How have we sustained our success for nearly 40 years? There are many reasons we have surpassed our industry competitors, but much of it can be attributed to two, overarching ideals: Conservative growth and relevancy.

Great Clips has always been an ambitious company, but we are conservatively thoughtful in our ambition. Every move we make is well thought out, and expansion has never been forced upon our franchisees. In fact, we customize your growth according to these variables:

  • Your time availability
  • Your capital availability
  • Real estate availability
  • Your dedication to following the Great Clips system

Getting a brand to the top and keeping it there are completely different animals. A company has to evolve over time to keep up with the current needs of its customers. Great Clips has taken numerous steps to remain relevant to the public:

  • We have increased our customers' comfort by continuing to modernize our salons.
  • We have restructured operational systems to reduce wait time and keep up with busy customers' schedules.
  • Our stylists are constantly trained and updated on modern techniques, allowing customers to receive the styles they desire.

We will touch more on branding and marketing in upcoming sections.

Dave and Leanne Ash Joining Great Clips has changed our lives and provided financial security during a tough economy. Our only wish is that we would have started sooner.
Dave & Leanne Ash, Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek