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Owner Advantages

Aside from the haircare industry being economically stable, it’s operational advantages are equally compelling.

Multiple Units

On average, our franchisees own 5-6 salons just 5 years after opening their first location.


Each salon functions day-to-day under a manager’s supervision; an owner’s daily presence is not required, allowing you to keep your professional career—if you choose—while you focus on managing the business.

No License Required

You will not be cutting hair—you are responsible for developing people and growing your business.

Easily Targeted Staffing

Licensed cosmetologists are graduating every day. They are easy to target, and attracted by a stable environment where customers are plentiful—such as Great Clips!

No Receivables

It’s essentially a cash industry where customers pay at time of service.

Dave and Adriana Hinojosa This has been a really good experience for me. Great Clips has great support and the fact that Great Clips has been in business for over 30 years--it gives me security that it is a system that works. Being your own boss--it's great!
Adriana Hinojosa, Houston