Great Clips Franchisees Enjoy Their Lifestyle

By Beth Nilssen

"When I started with Great Clips, I made $3.15 an hour (as a stylist). Currently today...I'm able to support my family and do charity work internationally. It's just been a life changer. I can't imagine my life without it."~Ruth Ann Grimsley, Franchisee since 1993, Kansas City

We recently had the chance to sit down with some veteran Great Clips franchisees to ask them a variety of questions about Great Clips, franchising, their lifestyle and much more. One of the questions we often receive from those interested in becoming a franchisee revolves around how the lifestyles of Great Clips franchisees have changed since they first started.

We asked this question and received a wide range of answers, from being able to spend more time with their children, to making more money than they ever did in the corporate world. Hear what our franchisees had to say here: