When a Franchise Investment Becomes a Successful Family Business

By Beth Nilssen

When Richard and Beverly Hagadorn opened their first Great Clips salon in the Las Vegas market back in 2000, little did they realize they would grow their franchise investment into a thriving family business.

Nineteen years after becoming Great Clips franchisees, Dick and Bev Hagadorn recently opened their 18th walk-in hair salon in the Las Vegas market. According to Bev, the growth in their business over the past 19 years is all the more sweet because they’ve turned it into a family affair. Dick and Bev’s daughter and son-in-law, Erica and Chris Shea, help run their company.

“We are truly a family-owned business,” says Bev. “We all believe in providing opportunities for our stylists and managers to grow in their careers, and creating a fun, supportive place for people to work. It’s good for them, it’s good for the business, and it’s great for our customers.”

The entire Hagadorn family is passionate about giving back to the communities that support them. Their salon teams have participated in raising money for Children’s Miracle Network, Bikes for Kids, and they are the No. 1 supporter of Safe Nest, a local organization that supports families affected by domestic violence. The salons provide free haircuts to people in the Safe Nest network.

“Our stylists get to vote on which community projects they want to contribute to,” says Dick, “so this is very personal to everyone on our team. It’s part of our culture to care for our staff, and this translates to how they care for every customer, and beyond the salon into our community.”

“Plus, we love giving back to the communities where our customers live, because we live here, too!” says Bev.

The Hagadorns chose to invest in a Great Clips franchise after researching prospective franchise organizations. “We looked at six or seven businesses,” says Bev, “that fit the profile of what we were looking for—manager-run, recession-proof, proven track record—and when I learned about Great Clips, I said, ‘That’s the one!’

“We liked it because it was simple, and it’s a service that never goes out of style with customers. It’s the smartest business decision we’ve ever made.”

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