Great Clips franchises available in Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, and Long Island!

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Hudson Valley & Upstate New York

The Hudson Valley and Upstate New York are no strangers to buckling down and getting things done. Industry has been a part of the history of the area for hundreds of years. And because of that, the people of upstate New York appreciate the value of convenience and affordability- which is why Great Clips salons have the potential to serve these New Yorkers in a way that they will appreciate greatly.

Long Island

Long Islanders work hard taking care of their family and friends despite their busy lives. And because of that, they appreciate the value of convenience - which is why Great Clips salons have the potential to serve Long Islanders in a way that they will appreciate greatly.

The Time is Now!

Franchise opportunities are on the rise across the country, and Great Clips is one of those franchises growing in this market. But, why would a potential business owner who knows nothing about cutting hair look at a hair salon franchise? Because the business model makes sense: It’s recession-resistant, has repeat customers, will never be outsourced, you can’t deliver it online, and nearly everyone needs a haircut. It makes sense. Plus- with a franchise, you’re not re-inventing the wheel- you’re taking a system and replicating it in your market with the help of a supportive corporate office and hundreds of other franchisees who want to see you succeed and grow the brand with you.

Great Clips already has nearly 4,500 salons in the United States and Canada, and we are excited to find local entrepreneurs who are ready to take an established brand and process and put it to great use in their own neighborhood. This is your chance to be your own boss as a franchisee: hire people from your community, serve your customers and make a positive impact in other’s lives by being a small business owner in your market.

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