online checking

Online Check-In

Addressing the needs of our busy clientele, our Check-In app allows customers to check wait times and add their names to a wait list to their nearest Great Clips salon. Launched in 2011, the app was the first of its kind in the haircare industry.

Easy & Convenient


Here's how it works: once the iPhone/iPad and Android app is downloaded, the nearest Great Clips salons will appear on a map based on the customers location. Customers need only touch their desired salon location and then add their name to the wait list of a Great Clips salon before they arrive.

No Smartphone, No Problem

Online Check-In works even for those without a smartphone. Customers can visit, find their nearest location, enter their name, phone number, and the amount of people in their group and still enjoy a faster, more convenient Great Clips experience.

clip notes

Clip Notes

We want customers to have a great experience that they will return for again and again. That's why Great Clips started Clip Notes, a program that helps make sure our stylists give our customers the haircut they desire at any franchise location.

A Reliable Experience

Every time a customer comes in to a Great Clips franchise, our stylists enter information in the customer's profile on the computer, such as style or type of haircut, clipper guards, amount taken off, length of hair, shape of haircut, sideburns length and shape, layers, texturizing and more.  The next time that customer comes to Great Clips, Clip Notes will tell any of our professional, licensed stylists how to provide the customer with the quality haircut that our customers expect.

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Ajay Arora
Franchisee since 2008
When I joined, I thought that this was a good business to get into, but I didn’t really know how good until we went through this last recession. And, quite frankly, our business has perhaps benefited from this recession, which very few businesses can say. It really brought home how fortunate we are to have chosen the Great Clips business.

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