Be Ready for Something Great

Our proven management system has led to success for more than 1,000 owners and counting for one reason, it works:

  1. We recruit franchisees who are skilled at hiring and motivating staff, can follow a system, and who understand the basics of business.
  2. Multi-unit ownership is common; on average, our owners have 5-6 salons just 5 years after opening their first location.
  3. Every salon functions day-to-day under a manager’s supervision, while our owners are engaged in operations.

Leadership is Key

Franchise ownership is not an absentee business. At Great Clips, we encourage our owners to keep their professional careers—if they so choose—but we need a hands-on leader at the helm.  While ownership doesn't require a daily presence, as all of our salons are manager-run,  we like to recruit owners that know how to manage the manager, delegate, and lead.

Build & Motivate

In order to team-build and create the proper culture in your salon(s) you need to be a confident, motivating "people person." For that to work, you need to be able to take direction as well as give it. Your job won't be cutting hair, but rather to develop people and build your Great Clips business.

Proper Financing is Important

Becoming a Great Clips owner also requires the necessary financial portfolio. You must have minimum liquid funds available to invest of $50,000 and your minimum personal net worth must be $300,000; select markets (Boston, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, New York DMA, San Diego, Toronto, West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, Washington DC, and Los Angeles) require a net worth of at least $500,000 and $75,000 in liquid funds. Remember, with Great Clips ownership, you’ll have the ability to keep your professional career, which means you won't have to sacrifice your professional income or benefits while you start your Great Clips journey.




Jim Petrowich
Franchisee since 1995
What’s special about Great Clips is that there’s a system and everyone’s a part of it—all the corporate staff, the franchisees, the hairstylists, the managers—everyone’s in this business together to create the most profitable salons and the most enduring brand. Everyone’s working together toward that same goal, and it’s pretty exciting.

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