How long before I start to make money?

Since there are so many variables that go into answering this question, we do not ask our franchise owners to attempt to answer it; therefore we can't provide it to you. One of the major variables when calculating "time to cash flow positive" is debt service. Some franchisees open salons with no debt, while on the other end of the spectrum, other franchisees may take out loans for 70% to 75% of the total investment required. Again, we encourage you to speak with our existing and/or former franchisees to learn more about the length of time it took them to reach the point where their salon was cash flow positive.

How much money can I make?

Once you've completed our online application and successfully completed an initial interview, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document which contains a section titled “Financial Performance Representations” (FPR). The FPR discloses salon-level financial information for approximately 50% of salons open at least two years. This information was voluntarily submitted by our franchisees. The disclosed information includes gross sales, rent, labor, royalties, ad fund contribution and operating cash flow.

How much will buying a Great Clips franchise cost

The total investment to open a Great Clips salon ranges from $109,150 to $208,300 in the U.S. and from $130,400 to $249,900 in Canada. You can learn more here.

What are Great Clip's royalties?

6% of gross sales


Can I really keep my job and start a Great Clips hair salon franchise?

Yes. Once you become qualified by our Franchise Development team you'll be encouraged to start talking with our franchisees – most of whom kept their professional job while opening up their first Great Clips salon(s). This is not an absentee business, it's a manager-run business; and we recruit franchisees that know how to manage the manager.

Do I need to know how to cut hair?

No. Approximately 95% of our franchisees didn't know how to cut hair when they joined our system, and most of them still don't know how to cut hair years after becoming a franchisee. Your mission is to manage and lead your staff, grow sales and open multiple salons.

How does Great Clips differ from their competition?

Great Clips has grown to become the world's largest hair salon franchise brand by providing quality haircuts, at an affordable price, to the entire family in convenient locations. 

How long does it take to open a salon?

In general, 9-12 months is typical, but it will vary depending on a number of factors, namely, your commitment to finding and building out a site and the availability of local real estate.

What if I want to work at it full-time?

You're welcome to do so. You will likely open salons at a faster pace if you're able to devote full-time attention to the business.

Real Estate

How do I find a site?

By working closely with your dedicated Great Clips Real Estate Manager and our Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Agent in the market, when available. They know the market better than anyone and will devote their time and effort to help you find a site.

What does the inside of a salon look like?

Click here to view a Great Clips salon.


How will I find staff (stylists and managers)?

Implement our staff recruiting strategies to find recruiting success. Our website attracts more than 41,000 stylist and manager applications every year throughout North America. Those applicants are forwarded immediately to our local franchisees. Additionally, Great Clips has long-term relationships in the industry with leading cosmetology schools that can help drive staff to your door.


Keith Chalmers
Franchisee since 1994
Great Clips improves my ability to grow profitably. I also benefit from working with other franchisees and the hard working and knowledgeable Great Clips corporate employees. The biggest benefit is the culture of Great Clips. Their actions consistently show that they really do care about you.

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